Australia - What are your thoughts?

Going to Australia has been by far one of the best decisions of my life: personally and professionally. I was able to live in a country that is beautiful beyond words can describe. It allowed me to work as a dancer and photographer, where I felt the people did not take me for granted. I met incredible people: full of talent and drive. And surprisingly, through the Nude Yorker, I was able to connect with the indigenous side of me. But what does that mean? Even when I was not planning the look or any specific session, my of my work was primitive in nature, always or mostly being portrayed as an indigenous question. I began to wonder why… and the answer was simple. Being in a such an opened country, it allowed me to think freely - without judgement. The way we used to live hundreds of years ago…

Why do you do what you do???

This is a question I get asked often... and people are right to ask. Nudity for the most part is something that most societies and cultures don't embrace... either through religion, up bringing or other influences we are taught that nudity is wrong. But its not. we are at our most natural state when we are unclothed.  It is not a surprise what each gender has... it is not a secret. the human body is beautiful, but you must teach yourself to see it that way. 

the human body is a wonderful machine capable of amazing skills. Unfortunately, the entertainment business brought association that being naked is as bad as being involved with pornography.  Nudity does not equate to pornography...

However, I understand we all feel shame and therefore choose to not be seeing nude... that is a choice that should be respected, just as much as a person who enjoys being nude. 

What are your thoughts on this?

what is that pouch you are wearing?

The truth of the matter is that sometimes I cannot be posing in full nudity. I often shoot in public spaces, or my hotel windows are too close to the ground floor, or buildings across the street, where others could see me... to avoid getting into trouble. I wear something called a C-Thong. its shape like a C and has a metal "arm" that allows it to stay in place, despite moving around. 

These items come in different colors and patterns. The nude color was not as useful as one would imagine because the mesh is transparent. It defeats the purpose of having one. 

You can google them, or buy them on Amazon...