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The Nude Yorker (aka Franklin Liranzo) is a  Professional photographer & Latin dancer from the Concrete jungle - New York City.


The Nude Yorker is a project that was started 3 years ago. After a major world dance competition; Franklin noticed beautiful light coming through his hotel room window.  He grab his camera and took a photo of himself through a mirror. That was a defining moment, without realizing how the project would transpire. 

From that moment, Franklin made it a habit to take self-portraits in every hotel he stayed. The only condition is that there must be a white diffusion panel ( curtain, shades, door, window frames).  Diffused light is his favorite type of light. 

The Nude Yorker became a study of light, shadows and spaces through the human form. Mr. Liranzo often relies on his dance and fitness training to develop with most of his poses. The main goal is to create figures that speak to Franklin, and to his audience; all while maintaining a certain level of discretion and taste. 

The process is simple: the artists often uses a tripod, DSLR, and the built-in Intervalometer (timer). He sets the camera to take 1 photo every 5 seconds, for a total of 25-30 shots. During this time, The Nude Yorker selects 1-3 poses, and performs micro-changes for subtle variations of each pose. On average each session lasts  about 25 minutes. 

Once the session is over, the images are transferred to his iPad Pro to make selections and edits.

The final step is to post the images on social media.







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